A Very Different Benjamin Fulford Essay

The New Cambrian explosion

by: Benjamin Fulford

We are on the verge of something that will be bigger than the Cambrian explosion.

For 3 billion years, individual life-forms were so small they could only be seen with a microscope. Then, in a geological eye-blink, a vast cornucopia of macroscopic life appeared. A similar phase-transition is imminent.

Fulford with more Fantastic Global Stuff

Well folks, here's some more pretty amazing stuff from Benjamin Fulford.  He's a controversial figure, apparently with real connections in terms of information and power.  I can't decide whether he's genuine, a loose cannon with a crack in it, or a mixture of both.  Sometimes he comes out with things that appear to be bizarre in the extreme.  But, as Fred pointed out once, he has appeared in public with powerful people, and he is listened to by many.  In any case, I admit that I'm addicted to his blog postings.  Here's the latest one as of today, 10/14/09.  Note that he doesn't claim that e


Chris and I were not sure where to post this information. I thought about putting it under Political activism forum but since the source is directly from the Wingmakers website I decided to put it here.  When I initially read this information, I brought it to Chris' attention and we both feel it should be here on the Gathering Spot for those of you who want to be aware of whats going on.  I am inserting the entire email conversation which Chris and I shared about this in order not to re-write the important views. 

We Are Smarter Than Snakes

There's a young kid at work named Jose. I call him a kid, but he's old enough to have a bunch of tattoos and ideas. I like the kid. Last week he handed me a book, and asked me if I'd read it and tell him what I thought. So I find myself reading, for the first time, a book by the renowned David Icke. This one is Children Of The Matrix, apparently his latest.

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