Wednesday's Meditation 7/16/2014

This is a special day.  In numerology the day, month, and year are 7/7/7.


Following Wendy's recent post reminding us of the terrible plight of the Palestinian people, I am choosing to focus upon their liberation.  It is my prayer to see the Palestinians and every oppressed person on this planet liberated and free.




Well, this is interesting.  Obama just propposed a peace agreement for the Israelies and Palestinians based on the 1967 border map.  Israel rejects it and holds the US to an agreement made between Israel and Bush Jr. in which he, Bush, states that it's impractical to back to those borders. 

Israel Prime Minister is coming to talk with Obama tomorrow, May 20th.

Great stuff from

If anyone accuses you of being anti-semitic for criticizing the State of Israel, show them this (contains brutality):

Here's another video I found at immediately aferwards. What does it mean?

I didn't think this hikers reaction was unusual at all, I'm sure I would have been just as awstruck.

Teenagers in Israel Stand up for Peace--The Shministim


(These are Ed Asner's words, posted on the Huffington Post web site on December 10, 2008.)

I've been around this world for awhile, and it's pretty hard to leave me speechless. But when I learned about Omer Goldman - well, her story got me.

If you haven't heard the name Omer Goldman yet, have a seat and grab your Kleenex. Her courage, and the courage of the other "Shministim" in Israel is utterly humbling. And amazing. I don't use those words lightly.

Occupation 101

After you watch this, forward it to everyone you know who has "even a 20% open mind" as Richard Falk of the UN Human Rights Fact Finding Commission puts it.  If large numbers of citizens of the United States and Israel watch this documentary we will have peace in the Middle East in very short order.


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