Disclosure - Steven Greer at the Exopolitic Summit in Barcelona

This seventy minute video is a must watch. Steven Greer is dynamic and exciting in this lecture to the Exopolitic Summit which just occured this last weekend in Spain. ( The introduction is in Spanish but Dr. Greers lecture is in English)



Love and Light,


Blessings of the Season

To my beloved Team members, I wish a glorious, joy-filled and beautiful Christmas, Hanakah, Winter Solstice, or whatever form  of beginnings and ending you celebrate.   And as we approach the new year, and the beginning of the last 4 years until 12-21-2012, I envision Light and Love filling and energizing you all in the sevice of others.


Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty and the Human Future: A Brief Summary from the book, "Disclosure"

While participating in the discussion in Fred's recent forum about free energy technology, I was reading the book, "Disclosure" by Dr. Steven Greer. I had not yet read the brief summary at the beginning of the book because I went straight to table of contents and then straight to one of my present day heroes, Dr. Edgar Mitchell's testimony.

New Energy Device With Real Potential

Dear wonderful TT friends,

A friend of mine who prefers to remain unnamed has come up with a most intriguing device which could potentially deliver energy very cheaply and easily independent of any power source. Based on magnets, take a look at the seven-minute video demonstration below. I have witnessed this fascinating invention with my own eyes.

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