Musing on the Sacred Feminine

Good morning.  I'm still vibrating from yesterday's chat about the Wingmakers, and the invitation to follow-up with some of the thoughts I had about the artwork at the WM site has had me musing about the principle of the Sacred Feminine and what it means for those of us who embody the Sacred Masculine principle.  Obviously the ideal is integration and unity, and I'd agree that most men could

WingMakers Chat Room Discussion

Hey beloved sacred journeyers! Thanks to our beautiful new chat feature, we're going to have our first gathering in the chat room to discuss the WingMakers material on Saturday, Feb. 9th at noon Pacific time (GMT - 8). We'd love to have you join us. Just go to the home page at that time and click on the shiny new "Chat" button there.

The Hierarchy Invades My Childhood

As a result of further pondering the WingMakers' empowering emphasis on moving beyond hierarchical ways of living, at one point this year I sat down and wrote about my own most significant encounters with the hierarchy in my younger years. I particularly remember one disturbing incident from when I was about 11 years old and living in northern New Jersey.

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