4 mistaken notions

A Toltec shaman gives these as the 4 mistaken notions that keep us from our full potential:

1. The mistaken idea that there is anything we don't know.

2. The mistaken idea that there is anything we can't do.

3. The mistaken notion that we are subject to cause and effect.

4. The mistaken notion that time & space keep objects & events separated.

Sacred Driving, Sacred Everything!

We breathe Sacred Love. We celebrate Sacred Sexuality. We roar with Sacred Laughter (if we don't, we should). We all know of sacred architecture, sacred art, sacred music, sacred ground. Today I was joyfully roadsurfing in the rain in lousy traffic, and it came to me as I artfully avoided being run off the road by an eighteen-wheeler, I was engaged in Sacred Driving.

Giving Myself Advice From The Future

I just had an interesting experience happen to me last Sunday. I was at the Sweat You Prayers Five Rhythms dance, and towards the end of it when the music got to be soft and deep I had a flash of myself from the far future. I was seeing myself being over 80 years old, long grey hair, being in a very sunny place laughing and full of joy.

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