Powerful Expansions During Dream School

I very much enjoy night school during my dream time. Sometimes I wake up with only hints and fragments of powerful experiences and lessons learned, while occasionally I remember quite a bit of detail from my dream school sessions. One recent time period was particularly rich. On several mornings over a period of about 10 days I remembered profound lessons I'd had during night school. On the final morning, I even awoke and continued a powerful dream in a half-awake state for quite a while, communicating with an intriguing force which called itself "the singularity."

Fear Quote

Your sacred love flows into us.

You are as powerful as any being in the universe.

No being is more powerful than you.

Yet neither are you more powerful than any other being.

When you truly understand this in the depths of your being,
There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

Our sacred love flows out to you.

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